Serial Killer Poker Movie Coming Soon

Serial Killer Poker Movie Coming Soon

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Poker movies seem to have been en vogue in Hollywood in recent times and there's another one in the pipeline.

Poker Night stars Delroy Lindo, Ron 'Hellboy' Perlman and Desperate Housewives regular Beau Mirchoff. According to industry paper Variety, “Mirchoff plays a newly-promoted detective who learns from a Greek chorus of wiser, older detectives gathered for their ritual night of poker when a killer pulls the young cop and his mentors into a web of mutual deceit.”

Filming is currently under way.

Other poker related movies in the offing include the much anticipated documentaries Boom and All In, crime drama The King's Men and possibly even a biography of former WSOP Main Event winner Jerry Yang.

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