Possible November release for BOOM poker documentary

Possible November release for BOOM poker documentary

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

According to co-producer Jay Rosenkrantz, the much awaited BOOM documentary is expected to be finished by November.

The film, which is being co-produced by former high-stakes poker pro Taylor Caby and directed by Ryan Firpo, is about the transformation of the poker industry from the Moneymaker "boom", to Black Friday and how both have impacted on people's lives.

"We have submitted an edit to Sundance, but we're still absorbing feedback, contemplating improvements, and polishing the rough edges," Rosenkrantz wrote on his blog. "South by Southwest's submission deadline is in mid-November--we're expecting to have a final cut by then. Knock on wood."

So if the film will be "deemed worthy" to be shown at the festivals, and is responded to favourably by the critics and audience, it then may be bought, and hopefully widely distributed.

"One of our top priorities is making sure that the film is released in a timely manner, and hits a global audience," said Rosenkrantz.

The documentary gives a personal take on poker pre and post Black Friday, by talking to many famous poker pros and getting their stories. Take a look below:

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