Ted Forrest Hits Out at Mike Matusow

Ted Forrest Hits Out at Mike Matusow

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ted Forrest has hit out at Mike Matusow via Twitter for an alleged non-payment of a prop bet.

Four years ago the two players famously made a wager worth around $2 million that Forrest couldn't lose more than 48 pounds within three months.

Having agreed the terms, Forrest set about shedding the pounds and by the time the deadline was reached his was almost a quarter of the man he was before. Looking somewhat drawn in, but still healthy, Forrest triumphantly claimed victory.

At the time Matusow didn't disagree, but told Forrest that he couldn't afford to pay him the full wager all at once. Annoyed but willing to discuss terms, Forrest reportedly told Matusow he can pay back $5,000 a month.

Fast-forward five years and it seems that Matusow hasn't been keeping up his end of the deal. According to a tweet by Forrest last week, Matusow has only paid back $70,500 of the $1.8 million he owes.

The allegation soon spread across the Twittersphere and in the last 24 hours and argument between Forrest and Matusow's brother, Scott, has ensued.

Looking to defend his brother, Scott has questioned everything Forrest has said, from whether it's really him to how he managed to lose the weight. Naturally, Forrest has defended his position and claims that Matusow has lost all his Full Tilt money betting on sports.

Moreover, he's issued a challenge to Matusow to play him heads-up in a game of Omaha 8-or-better. As yet there has been no response from Matusow, but his brother Scott is still unconvinced that it's actually Forrest behind the Twitter account.

Where things go from here remains to be seen.

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