Ted Forrest loses 50lbs in two months, wins $2,000,000

Ted Forrest loses 50lbs in two months, wins $2,000,000

Thursday, 15 July 2010

“I wanted to show that the impossible was possible” isn’t a typical excuse one gives for risking life and limb in the name of prop betting; perhaps “I wanted to win two million dollars” would be more accurate. Ted Forrest has won just that from Mike Matusow after successfully completing a prop bet to lose fifty pounds before the Main Event.

Forrest and outlandish side bets aren’t exactly strange bedfellows, however this is extreme for anybody. Losing 50lbs in the short, two-month period between the agreement and the weigh-in works out to losing a little over seven pounds a week, or one pound a day!

However, the task was completed and Forrest weighed in correctly after removing most of his clothes and having not eaten a full meal for almost two weeks. Matusow was nowhere around, so Forrest left after the weigh-in saying that “[we] gotta go wake up Mikey so I can finally get a drink of water.”
Props, Ted. Mad props.

You can see pictures of the skeletal Forrest at the Full Tilt Blog. And yes, it really is him.

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