Ivey Builds with Leggo

Ivey Builds with Leggo

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Phil Ivey’s full intentions have become a little clearer in the last 24 hours thanks to his purchase of established training site: Leggo Poker.

The news that IveyPoker.com had incorporated the established poker school into its operations came via their website.

A few paragraphs of information outlined that Phil will be creating “The Ivey League”, a complete training site for players that will start players with a free-to-play social app, before some of the game’s best provide comprehensive training.

While it’s been no secret that Phil planned to launch some sort of training product, the news that his team have developed a mobile poker game is certainly interesting.

Indeed, with poker sites such as PokerStars also embracing mobile and social gaming, it seems as though the poker industry is certainly evolving.

According to Ivey, the reason he acquired Leggo Poker is because he felt it was the best on the market and would give him the best foundation from which to launch his product.

To see get more of Phil’s thoughts on the recent announcement, check out this video.

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