Greg Answers (Almost) Anything

Greg Answers (Almost) Anything

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Greg Raymer might have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the last couple of weeks but in a bid to restore his credibility he recently hosted an Ask Me Anything session.

Taking place last night on FlopTurnRiver’s forum, the candid question and answer session allowed users to find out the former WSOP World Champion’s thoughts on bluffing to his thoughts on US regulation.

Amongst the more interesting answers given was that Greg‘s former life as a radio DJ and comedian had helped prep him for a life in the poker spotlight. However, while Greg refrained from answering question abouthis brush with the law (“I can’t speak on my situation right now”) he did touch on the issue of morality.

When asked about his stance on gay marriage, he said: “I’m a Libertarian. If two adults want to get married, why should I care? Anything any adult does that doesn’t directly hurt another is their own business. And for all of those people out there who are treating this as if it were a religious issue, they can **** off. There is (or at least there should be) no room for religion or morality in politics.”

Although this doesn’t specifically address his recent arrest, it did give us a glimpse into his approach to life.

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