Forrest would Fight Matusow

Forrest would Fight Matusow

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The row between Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest took another twist over the weekend when the latter contemplated the idea of fighting his opponent for the $1.8 million he owes him.

Continuing his plea for Matusow to pay him the money he's allegedly owed since 2010, Forrest is now willing to explore any avenue which could lead to the recovery of his money.

Although it looks as though going to court will be the American pro's next logical option, a suggestion from one of his followers, Mike Caldwell, could see the two players square off in the boxing ring:

"Why don't @ForrestTed @themouthmatusow have a boxing match if ted wins mike will start paying if mike wins he owes nothing #tedforrest?"

Claiming that it's one of the best tweets he's seen regarding the issue, Forrest began to consider the logistics of such a challenge.

Rather ironically, the main sticking point is weight:

"Lol I love it! That's the best tweet I've seen all day...although I'm pretty sure we are in different weight classes."

However, if Matusow is willing to fight Forrest for the $1.8 million then he is prepared to pile back on the weight he lost in 2010 and move up to heavyweight to knock some sense into The Mouth.

While it's unlikely we'll see the two pros duke it out in the ring, it's clear that Forrest isn't short on confidence as he's even offered to give back the $70,500 he's already paid to him if he loses.

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