Devilfish – Tony G looks like the boy from Two and a Half Men

Devilfish – Tony G looks like the boy from Two and a Half Men

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A week ago we reported that Tony G had unleashed his tongue-in-cheek rage on a host of poker pros including PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko, Full Tilt Pro Annette Obrestad and British poker legend Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott.

“There was a story [in The Times] about massive whales in the ocean,” he wrote. “And the headline is: ‘Once I was the devilfish – but now I just want a tickle.’ Is this an accurate assessment? On ya bike fishy!”

Ulliott isn’t known for his Internet activity but Party Poker, who sponsor Tony G and hosted his blog, allowed the ‘Fish the opportunity to reply to these comments. He did so with his usual chattery aplomb: “At the Poker Million he just sat there quiet and motionless – perhaps it was because he was too close to my right hook?” Pondered Ulliott. “If Tony has chips he starts getting chirpy (and boy does he like to eat his chips) – if not, he’s more like a mouse and easy prey for the true professional player. I respect him as a businessman but as a player he needs to go back to school.

“Do you like the picture on the right I took of Tony at the Poker Million recently? He is uncharacteristically smiling,” added Devilfish, indicating a picture of the character Jake from US sitcom Two and a Half Men. It’s not a tenuous resemblance.

Read the full blog at PartyPoker.

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