Brian Hastings gives Oscar style speech after $4m win

Brian Hastings gives Oscar style speech after $4m win

Friday, 11 December 2009

A $4m win, you ask? Read our full report on Brian Hastings’s huge demolition of Isildur1’s bankroll here. Hastings proceeded to blog about his $4.18m victory over the Swede, including a reflection on life after his life-changing game; a history of his poker escapades from $5 home games and a gratuitous Gwyneth Paltrow-esque speech at the end.

“When everyone starts playing poker, the dream is that one day they will hit it big and make obscene amounts of money that one couldn't fathom working a 9-5 (well most 9-5s),” Hastings muses. “But for most, this is just a pipe dream. For it to happen, one needs a combination of very large amounts of both skill and luck (well maybe not always the skill part for a few certain WSOP main event winners/high finishers, but they need an astronomical amount of luck).

“And here I am, winning a record $4.18 million in one day (well not exactly - no I didn't have 100% of my own action, and no I am not going into any further detail about this) playing online poker.”

Hastings’s blog, however, is well worth a read. It’s pretty cool how someone can go from a $50 deposit to a $4,000,000 plus win in a single night. Read it here, at

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