Brian Hastings beats Isildur1 out of $4,000,000

Brian Hastings beats Isildur1 out of $4,000,000

Friday, 11 December 2009

A CardRunners instructor, Full Tilt Pro and long-time resident of the nosebleed stakes, 21-year old student Brian Hastings has won the largest recorded poker profit in a single session from Isildur1 on Full Tilt Poker.

After the Swede beat Jungleman12 out of what was apparently his entire bankroll, Isildur1 went on to make out with Lady Luck at Brian Townsend’s expense, running $2m over EV to take $700,000 from him.

However, that Luck is a fickle mistress and she made off with Townsend’s namesake, Brian “Stinger88” Hastings, as he proceeded to massacre Isildur1 over the next 2,858 hands. Despite Isildur1 having won $2m earlier that day, Hastings took every cent and doubled it.

Over the course of the marathon session, Hastings won $4,200,970 according to High Stakes DB ($4.18m according to the man himself), including their largest pot at $683k.

Isildur1 turned top two pair and eagerly got his money in the pot on a J45T board, raising the flop and turn for over $300,000. Hastings, however, had a huge draw with 3647 – a total of 19 outs made him a huge favourite on the flop. The 7 turn bought him a straight and gave him the pot.

Watch this mental action unfold at Full Tilt Poker.

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