Brandon Cantu's WSOP Row

Brandon Cantu's WSOP Row

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Italian footballer Mario Balotelli once asked 'why always me?'. The same question could be posed by Brandon Cantu who has got involved in another scrape at this year's WSOP.

The latest confrontation occurred during the dealer's choice event where Cantu got into a disagreement with Matt Syzmaszek over a ruling.

Jesse Martin, sitting at another table, chirped in to defend Syzmaszek. According to the PokerNews reporters, the bickering continued with Martin saying “You’re an angle-shooter Brandon. Nobody fu***** likes you.”

Cantu took umbrage, headed to Martin's table and allegedly punched him in the stomach. He was given a two round penalty by WSOP officials.

This isn't the first conforntation Cantu has been involved in at this year's World Series. The American was involved in a frank exchange of views with Aussie Jeff Lisandro.

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