World Series of Fighting

World Series of Fighting

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The World Series of Poker may be a time for beating your opponents out of pots at the table, but it's not so much a time for actually beating them physically.

However, while most players will have understood that basic premise, it seems that Jeff Lisandro didn't quite get the message yesterday after he became embroiled in a physical altercation with Brandon Cantu.

The fiery Aussie - who once threatened to take Prahlad Friedman's head off - accosted Cantu in the Rio hallway to discuss a debt. The conversation quickly became heated and within a few minutes the pair were trading insults.

The slanging match quickly caught the attention of various bystanders who then tweeted that Lisandro and Cantu became involved in a full-blown fight.

In scenes rarely seen at the WSOP, one spectator tweeted that "a couple of punches were thrown" and a shirt was "ripped" during the scuffle.

Almost as soon as it started it was brought to an end by the Rio's security staff but not before news of the incident had spread across the community like wildfire.

In a bid to get the inside scoop on the event, Bluff's Thomas 'SrslySirius' Keeling spoke to Lisandro who claimed the bystanders were mistaken and "no punches" were thrown.

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