Bluff Europe Weekend Round-Up

Bluff Europe Weekend Round-Up

Monday, 25 January 2010

Most of the poker stuff that has been happening has been happening in Melbourne. The Aussie Millions is upon us, the $10,000 Main Event has kicked off and consequently the high-stakes action on Full Tilt has been subdued. PokerStars are still going strong on the tournament front, though:

Day 1a and Day 1b of Aussie Millions Main Event complete

So far, 476 players have competed in the first two flights of the $10,500 Aussie Millions main event. Day 1c is still to play out, however, and organisers estimate it to be the biggest so far.
Around 200 people have survived Day 1a and Day 1b including Sorel Mizzi, Annette Obrestad, Tom Dwan and Jeff Lisandro. So far the Aussie Millions hasn’t disappointed, and it’s likely the victor of this main event will be seven figures richer.

Aussie Millions so far

Annette has taken down her first tournament in the southern hemisphere and the opening event saw a prize pool of $1.1m AUD. So far, so good in Australia. Here’s the lowdown of all the events, entrants and winners:
Event 1: $1,100 NLHE (1,143 entrants) – Matthew Ephraums ($200,025)
Event 2: $550 PokerPro NLHE (90 entrants) – Andrew Hinrichsen ($12,825)
Event 3: $1,100 LHE (90 entrants) – Simon Morris ($25,650)
Event 4: $1,100 PLO (160 entrants) – Annette Obrestad ($40,000)
Event 5: $1,650 NLHE w/bounties (381 entrants) Jonathan Karamalikis ($122,700)
Event 6: $1,100 HORSE (91 entrants) John Joannou ($27,300)
Event 7: $1,150 NLHE w/rebuys (108 entrants) Simon Watson ($129,920)
Event 8: $100,000 NLHE challenge (24 entrants) Dan Shak ($1,200,000)
Event 9: $10,000 NLHE main event – ongoing
Event 10: $550 PokerPro NLHE Shootout (82 entrants) – Peter Vratsidis ($11,480)
Event 11: $550 PokerPro Omaha 8 (63 entrants) – Eugene Portlen ($9,765)

Cole South wins the decade’s largest pot

As we reported here, Cole South has won the largest pot of 2010 so far. It might seem paltry in comparison with the $800,000 and seven-figure pots being played on a daily basis by Isildur1, but a $602,000 result isn’t to be sniffed at – especially when the pre-flop raising war was probably not what CTS wanted.

Juan “vietcong01” wins his second Sunday Million

In what must be an immense combination of skill and luck, Juan Antonio “vietcong01” Maceiras has won the Sunday Million. Oh, wait – his second Sunday Million. All in addition to a 6th place finish last year.
Maceiras won over $255,000 for his win over a field of 8,700 players – he flopped two pair to a bluff-shove just as his opponent put forth the idea of a deal. Needless to say, no deal was had.

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