Cole South wins the largest pot of 2010

Cole South wins the largest pot of 2010

Monday, 25 January 2010

Less than two years ago this would have been the largest pot ever played online. Now it’s barely in the top twenty, but we’re sure Cole “CTS” South doesn’t care after capturing the largest pot of 2010 so far against Ziigmund and LarsLuzak.

Building the pot to a quarter of a million dollars before the flop with T876 double-suited isn’t a horrible play but probably wasn’t South’s intention – at $300/$600 PLO he raised to $1,800 only to see Ziigmund make it $6,800. LarsLuzak then shoved in his $25k stack and South called. Ziigmund then made it $107,000 to go and South was forced to call again.

The 2h-5h-Ts flop was a miracle for South though, flopping top pair and all manner of immediate and backdoor draws. Ziigmund bet out, South shoved and the Finn called, flipping over – what else? – AAK7 to create a $601,882 pot in which he had around 40% equity.

LarsLuzak was way behind with AK56 and running eights on the turn and river made a full house for South, shipping him the moolah.

You can watch these pots happen live at Full Tilt Poker.

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