Bathtub Prop Bet Update

Bathtub Prop Bet Update

Friday, 6 September 2013

Last month we brought you news of a crazy prop bet involving Nick Divella living and sleeping in a bathtub for $20,000.

The conditions for the wager have now been published with a number or wrinkles added to the original proposition. As originally stated, Divella will spend 6 days and nights in the Bellagio bathtub but he will be restricted to just a single set of clothes and will have to sleep without a blanket.

There will be no fine dining during Divella's stay as only five peanut and jam sandwiches will be on the menu each day. Electronic products will be prohibited apart from the use of a phone for 90 minutes a day and toiletries are out too. Books are allowed though so we expect him to plough through War and Peace as well as Freakonomics and The Tipping Point by the time his six days in the tub are up. Somewhat scarily, a blood clot is a potential concern and Divella has signed a waiver.

The bet was originally scheduled to start in the middle of this month but has now been put back to the end of September or early October.

The stakes have been increased too with Divella set to pocket $22,500 if he manages to survive for the full six days. He'll be liable for $4,000 if he has to bail out though.

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