August 2013

Matt Ashton InterviewMatt Ashton Interview

Meet Britain's new mixed-game king.

Barny Boatman Interview Barny Boatman Interview

We meet Blighty's latest big winner.

July 2013

cod meharly aka Nicky Evans interviewcod meharly aka Nicky Evans interview

Fishy Brit and MTT aficionado talks Canada, UFC and a bit of poker.

June 2013

133 Seconds With Gus Hansen133 Seconds With Gus Hansen

We caught up with one of the most famous faces in poker, the Great Dane himself, Gus Hansen.

James Atkin interview James Atkin interview

Online grinder Epitomised.

Prosper Masquelier interview Prosper Masquelier interview

Meet the ISPT Wembley CEO.

May 2013

Viktor Blom InterviewViktor Blom Interview

Bluff meets Isildur1.

Stuart Rutter Interview Stuart Rutter Interview

They say the best players know all the games, which makes 29-year old Stuart Rutter one of the unsung talents of UK poker.

April 2013

Rob Yong InterviewRob Yong Interview

As the man guaranteeing a €1M first prize for the ISPT, he's asking the UK poker community to get behind this unique poker event. We interview Rob Yong, the most generous man in poker.