What is the Best Poker Advert Ever?

What is the Best Poker Advert Ever?

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Poker adverts are everywhere. Newspapers, magazines, television, the internet… you literally can’t get away from the marketing. With so much out there, how do you make your advert stand out though? After some serious testing and having trawled the video websites out there (well okay, one of them) Bluff Europe bring you our Top Five Poker Adverts.

#5: Good Poker Players Always Act According To Position

Position, position, position; a mantra often repeated by poker authorities. Sure, they’re right, but none of them were as funny proving the point as Poker Room are here. The firing of the bow by the gentleman on the button is especially good. Perhaps this is what they mean when it’s better to act behind someone?

#4: The Mind of Phil Ivey – Parodied.

So, this advert came out from the Full Tilt Poker people, showing the intensity and thought processes of the prodigal Phil Ivey. It’s atmospheric, heavily stylised and ultimately a sleek end product.

But then, from the depths of the MPL Poker League came this parody. Down to the recreation of the lighting, it’s loyal to the original and well worth a chuckle, if only because we’ve had those moments ourselves.

#3: Good Poker Players Always Play Their Cards Right

Part of the same campaign as the entry at number five comes this from Poker Room. The stage is set: a stunning blonde sits with her dowdy looking brunette friend in a bar. The blonde spots her prey, moving in with some rather simple but effective tactics. It does seem the brunette has an ace up her sleeve though… We’d love to explain why we liked this one so much, but it is borderline indecent so we can’t.

#2: Good Players Know When to Fold

It’s a hat trick from the boffins at Poker Room, and this one caps the lot just for the sheer comedy ending. The man in question runs so good playing Russian Roulette for the attentions of an increasingly naked lady it is unbelievable. He does seem to have a problem knowing when to stop though. We also love this clip as the guy looks a little like former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar after gorging himself on cake.

#1: The Greatest Poker Face

The MPL Poker League might have had a good poke at his expense, but the winner of the Bluff Europe Best Poker Advert goes to Phil Ivey and his wife. What would you do if you walked in to your house and find two guys going at it with your wife? We bet you wouldn’t keep a poker face like this one. The ad itself has become something of a cult classic on poker forums around the ‘net, and rightly so.

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