The Countdown's On

The Countdown's On

Friday, 5 December 2014

Unibet celebrating dealing 100 millionth hand in style.

Since the start of the boom more than 10 years ago, poker has become a game of increasingly large numbers. From 8,000-runner fields to million dollar buy-ins, the number of digits across all facets of the game has verged on the absurd for some time.

It is thanks to these almost preposterously huge numbers that, while larger sites see hand numbers tick over into the billions, Unibet's 100 millionth seems small in comparison. But it is also why the milestone - the first on the new standalone Unibet poker platform - is one worth celebrating.

Cast your mind back just a few months and we were talking about Unibet going it alone, a bold move in an online poker industry dominated by huge established standalone sites and competitive multi-site networks. When the 100 millionth hand is dealt on Unibet's standalone site it will stand as proof that it was a step worth taking.

Just like an impatient child on Christmas Eve, Unibet will be celebrating early. After all, why would you want to just give out prizes for the 100 millionth hand when you can start five million hands earlier and keep going for another five million afterwards?

From hand number 95 million all the way through to number 105 million, every hundred thousandth hand will award a prize to every single player in the hand - you don't even need to win the pot! With the promotion kicking into gear around the time of American Thanksgiving and continuing throughout the run-up to Christmas, plenty of players will receive unexpected gifts and wind up having something to be thankful for.

Unibet Dec 2

Players will be rewarded with a multiplier based on how many cash game hands they've played in the hour leading up to the milestone in question, so the more poker you play, the bigger the prize if your timing's right. All in all around 600 players can expect a payout, but that's nothing compared to the coup de grace, the 100 millionth hand itself.

Remember back before the WSOP final table, when Mark Newhouse had achieved the remarkable feat of back-to-back final tables? The number-crunchers on the forums were working out the likelihood of any random player matching that achievement and discovering that being struck by lightning was more likely.

The 100 millionth hand at Unibet will award huge cash prizes amounting to more than €100,000 over the course of the promotion, and if anyone wins the 100 millionth hand with a Royal Flush? Well, they'll be in line for a cool million on top. What's more, as they'll most likely be playing online from the comfort of their home, the risk of being struck by lightning goes down too! It's win-win.

Still, we know what you're thinking. "I never hit royal flushes. If I win it will probably be with a measly two pair." Well that's nothing to be upset about, as the winner of the 100 millionth hand will get a minimum of €10,000 for the achievement, even if they win with just a high card. And it keeps getting better. The other players in the hand can earn themselves up to €15,000, while just sitting at a cash table when that hand is dealt - any cash table at any stakes - will be enough for a Unibet player to win a seat at a €5,000 promotional freeroll, set to be held on January 4th at 17:00 CET.

Unibet Dec 3

As with any milestone hand promotion, the best thing is you don't have to do that much different from normal. Any cash game aficionado can keep themselves in the mix for the top prize just by going about their business, and with more players than usual getting in on the action there should be more tables open than there would be on any normal day.
That's the basics out of the way, so now it's time to get ready for those milestone hands. Put on your lucky hoodie, eat your lucky pre-poker meal, select your lucky avatar and hit the tables. With a bit of good fortune you could be sitting down to your Christmas dinner one million Euros richer.

Countdown to 100 Million

With players being paid out on every hundred thousandth hand, from number 95,000,000 to number 105,000,000, there are plenty of opportunities to win a piece of the pie. However the one that everyone is really excited about is hand number 100,000,000.

The hundred millionth hand is a special milestone for Unibet, and to reflect that there will be an added prize paid out to the winner, anywhere from €10,000 up to €1,000,000.


Royal Flush €1,000,000
Straight Flush €250,000
Quads €100,000
Full House €25,000
Flush €20,000
Straight €15,000
Three of a Kind €15,000
Two Pair €10,000
Pair €10,000
High Card €10,000

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