Viktor Blom

Viktor Blom
  • Name:
    Viktor Blom
  • DOB:
    26th Sep 1990
  • Birth Place:
    Uddevalla, Sweden
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Towards the end of October 2009, a mysterious entity known as “Isildur1” ambushed the Full Tilt tables and sent shockwaves through the online poker community. Within the space of a few days, he was playing some of the biggest names at the highest stakes available, often seated with the max and playing up to eight tables simultaneously.

Armed with an unrelenting, super-aggressive style, his target seemed to be durrrr, whom he proceeded to demolish in a matter of days, before turning his attention, amongst others, to Phil Ivey, Ilari Sahamies and Patrik Antonius. Just a couple of weeks after storming the scene, Isildur was showing a profit of $5,455,477, having taken $4 million from Dwan alone.

Yet Isildur’s hubris was ultimately his downfall. His fortunes started to turn when he began playing nine tables at once against Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey and Dwan. Then Isildur lost $4.2 million to Brian Hasting’s in a single session, the largest amount in a single day in the history of online poker.

His run was over, but who was he? Isildur1 was eventually revealed to be Viktor Blom, a publicity-shy, action-hungry young Swede. That became official when Blom signed for PokerStars in 2010. Then, when FullTilt relaunched in 2012, he became an ambassador for the site.

In 2012 he won the $100k High Roller event at the PCA for $1,254,400 and can still be found playing the highest stakes available online.

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Greatest Hands

  • Viktor Blom and Patrik Antonius play a 1.3m pot, the biggest in poker history

  • Viktor and Dan Shak, heads up for the PCA High Roller title