December 2013

True IrishballerTrue Irishballer

Meet “True Irishballer”, a man who has been causing quite a stink on Twitter recently. Angry, opinionated and burning with righteous conviction, it’s time to give Baller his own column. His opinions are his own…

The Beat The Beat

Neil Channing on Newcastle live, UKIPT and the Hall of Fame.

Virtual Felt Virtual Felt

Adam Goulding snoops around the world of online poker.

November 2013

Raw PowerRaw Power

Nicky Power surveys the Irish scene.

Snoopy Snoopy's Virtual Felt

Adam Goulding rounds up this month's biggest stories.

Poker and Charity Poker and Charity

Paul Jackson on doing your bit.

Authority Authority

Are jobsworth rule makers sucking the joy out of poker asks Nick Wealthall?

October 2013


Paul Jackson goes to the seaside.

Re-entry Re-entry

Why are people dicking with tourmanents, asks Nick Wealthall?

Raw Power Raw Power

The best from the Irish poker scene.