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Overview – we'll call them PCUK from hereon – are one of the medium-sized poker rooms on the Boss Media network. What does that mean to you and I? Well, it means you'll be getting guaranteed games of poker around the clock, secure transactions, and some rather loose poker players; basically all good news for us! If there was one thing we HAD to stress here, it is how soft the games can be – if you're wanting to beat the game, this is one of the best rooms to try it!

Conclusion: Lots of players, tons of value. In the words of Daniel Negreanu, “yum yum!”


The Boss Media software has always had it's lovers and loathers. While the lobby windows are clear and you know precisely what games are on offer, the game play window is a little bit finicky. We'd like to see it easier to use the slide bar, or just type in the bet values. It's also not the best if you're one who likes to look through your hand history, but aside from that, the site is good on the eye and functional. We would also say this isn't PCUK's doing – it's down to the people behind Boss.

Conclusion: There's some things which could be improved, but the bonuses in other areas make it worth working with.


You've never got a problem finding players on PCUK. Remember those bonuses we spoke about in the software section? This is one of them. The various rooms which are on the Boss network pool their players together, which means the action comes thick and fast. Fancy a game in the middle of the afternoon? At 4pm GMT there were over 5,700 players online.

Conclusion: Poker players.... thousands of them. That means you won't struggle to find a good cash game here. Tournaments are a little slower, but not much!


The poker rooms have to make their money, and so the dreaded rake. Don't worry though – the rake at PCUK is on a par with most of the rooms out there. A little feisty if you're a low-stakes short-handed cash player, but then that's the same for the vast majority of sites out there. If you play full ring or tournaments, you will do just fine at PCUK.

Conclusion: Nothing scandalous to report here, no sir'ee.

Donks or Not?

Now, this is the bit we like the best about PCUK – the standard of play ranges from very decent to absolutely shocking! Seriously, we have seen some plays on the Omaha Eight tables that would put Mike Matusow on life-tilt. If you play a solid line of poker, you should do very well with the ABC stuff against some of the newer players who 'fancy a gamble'. Don't get us wrong, there is variance to go with it, but my word.... this room has some of the fruitiest small-medium cash games going on the net.

Conclusion: Donks, and we love them for it!

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