Paradise Poker - Bonus and Promotions

Overview was one of the pioneers of the online poker industry back in the day, and while they may have been a little quiet of late, our spies tell us Paradise is staging a big comeback, and that means they’re blitzing you, the player, with promotions galore in order to retake their rightful place at the forefront of the online poker industry, hence the juicy bonuses and some great guaranteed tournaments. Paradise Poker is operated by SportingBet, one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world, which means they can afford to deliver the ultimate poker package.

Conclusion: Industry big hitters put poker first again and everybody wins. Or at least everybody would win if this wasn’t poker!

Software runs on Boss Media software, otherwise known as the International Poker Network. Boss has been producing online casino software since 1996, so they’ve fine tuned their product to a tee. Emphasis here is on the user – the software is intuitive and easy to use, while managing to retain all the bells and whistles the online player has come to expect.

Conclusion: Functionality and simplicity are key, but this software still manages to look good. It’s no coincidence it was designed in Sweden.


Paradise may not currently be the busiest site on the web, but IPN is a burgeoning network that looks likely to continue growing. There are plenty of games available at all hours of the day or night, from six-handed low stakes cash games right through to massive MTT’s.

Conclusion: Good selection of games and enough traffic to keep us happy 24-7.

Donks or Not?

Some of these games can be as loose as hell. If you’re the patient kind of player who likes to grind it out and wait for hands, this could be for you – let’s just say you might get paid off regardless of your table image. If you’re a loose aggressive loon, you’ll be in good company, so expect a rollercoaster!

Conclusion: Loose games mean nice profits for level-headed players.

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