Hollywood Poker - Bonus and Promotions


The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is captured in this PokerRoom skin. Hollywood Poker boasts actor James Woods and poker celeb Vince Van Patten as clientele. For starters, they offer you a $600 bonus, perhaps to compensate for the hideousness of the layout. They also have a strong VIP program and guarantee $14m in tournament prizes each month.

Conclusion: Are you the sort of mindless drone who reads OK! magazine and is obsessed with celebrity? If so, play here. If not, then playing here still isn’t too terrible because there’s lots of the aforementioned fish.


If you couldn’t tell from the previous paragraph, this particular reviewer isn’t especially un-bias toward the software. It’s just plain awkward, clunky and horrible for multi-tabling with some very obvious bugs, which doesn’t make for temptation to play there.

Conclusion: We're not fans of the software. Enough said.


Not fantastic for anyone looking to play higher than NL100. However, below that you get a wealth of games and even at the higher limits you’ll still get enough going. That said, if you plan on grinding out a million hands a week then give it a miss.

Conclusion: A lot of people like to donk around after a sportsbetting flutter but it’s not the busiest site out there.

Donks or Not?

The great thing about the poker industry: there are always donks. Surprisingly though, this one seems to have fewer than most on this particular network.

Conclusion: Not as many as you'd hope, but still plenty out there. Happy hunting!

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