Everest Poker - Bonus and Promotions


Everest Poker’s operators recently signed a deal with Cryptologic, a software-design company who are making waves in the online casino industry. Everest Poker offers software in 16 languages and plenty of country- and region-specific tourneys and promotions. Games are very juicy and profitable for skilled players and tournaments, promotions and games are all high volume despite just Hold 'em and Omaha games going.

Conclusion: The Cryptologic deal is sure to improve their site, which is currently already impressive.


3D avatars and nice-looking realistic table graphics make for a great live-esque experience. Unfortunately they suck for multitabling, but it’s not completely impossible. The lobby and tables are easy to operate at any rate.

Conclusion: Again, Cryptologic is the nuts so great improvements are sure to come to an already-decent software design.


Not great but the publicity surrounding the Cryptologic-GigaMedia deal in addition to a sure-to-be-forthcoming advertising campaign will attract waves of new fish for certain.

Conclusion: You’ll find busier but it’s anything but dead.

Donks or Not?

It scores a ‘meh’ on the donk-scale. You’ll find plenty but they’re not everywhere.

Conclusion: Very soft play even at low-to-mid-stakes.

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