Cake Poker - Bonus and Promotions


Finding popularity now because it accepts US players, Cake Poker is becoming the site of choice for a lot of micro and mid-stakes players. Offering 33% rakeback and plenty of action, the formerly unheard-of site is becoming a relatively big name in the online poker industry.

Conclusion: Mmmm… Cake. This is good news for anyone in the US as a new place to play will always be welcome for them. Rakeback, deposit bonuses and a decent amount of games are a plus, too.


Not fantastic, not poor. However one major downside for serious grinders is that it isn’t compatible with PokerTracker. No HUD is like no sunlight to the new generation of online grinders – without it they just shrivel up and die.

Conclusion: Not horrendous by any means but if you want your fancy tools to work, go elsewhere.


Again, it’s average. They’re seeing an increase in traffic now simply because the Americans have nowhere else to go. At the lower limits you’ll never have trouble finding a game but go into the big money and you’ll be stretched a bit thin.

Conclusion: You won’t need to search far and wide to get a good penny-game going; you’ll probably have to go over to Full Tilt for some $500/$1k NL though.

Donks or Not?

More donks than your average Cornwall beach. According to Cake players the average person sat at the tables is a loose-passive calling station. Remember when to bet for value and watch the money roll in on top of that 33% rakeback and $500 deposit bonus.

Conclusion: Soft. Simple as that - get over there already, will you?

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