WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Updated Chip Counts

WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Updated Chip Counts

Thursday, 2 October 2008

With the last hour having provided a veritable bloodbath, it's about time we gave you lot an update of the chip counts.

It's no surprise to find Alekhin and Demidov leading the way, and Sonnert has been the quietest of the remaining five so far at the final table. The blinds are going to go up in 15 minutes to 10,000/20,000 with a running 3,000 ante, so it won't be long before he will be looking to find a good spot to get his remaining chips in. Stay tuned!

Updated chip counts at the 2008 WSOPE Main Event:
Stanislav Alekhin 2,551,000
Ivan Demidov 2,295,000
John Juanda 1,206,000
Daniel Negreanu 896,000
Bengt Sonnert 353,000

Stanislav AlekhinThe current chip leader, Stanislav Alekhin

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