WSOPE Main Event Final Table: "This is so sick. So sick. Alright, I call..."

WSOPE Main Event Final Table:

Friday, 3 October 2008

We have ourselves a new chip leader, after John Juanda took the relentless agression on fifth street personally and called. It turned out to be a good call, his two pair far ahead of Alekhin's bluff-gone-wrong.

That was one of the most spine-tingling moments I have ever witnessed at a poker table. For hours now, Alekhin has been mugging Juanda on the river. For the fourth noticeable time at this final table, he moved over the top of a Juanda bet on the river. Juanda jumped out of his chair like a man who had been personally attacked.

"You're so sick," he said, eyes shooting at the stoic Russian. No response. "This is so sick. So sick...Alright, I call" spat out Juanda, as if he'd decided it was time to defy everything the final table had taught him.

Alekhin looked embarassed to show his hand, showing one then the other, neither good enough to top the two pair of Juanda.

That, ladies and gentleman, was pure sporting emotion in what is one of the most gruelling final tables poker has ever seen.

The board and hands
Board: Ad-4h-6d-2h-Ts
Alekhin: Qd-2h

Betting action
Preflop: Raise on the button to 150,000 from Alekhin, called by Juanda.
Flop: Check-check
Turn: Juanda bets 275k, Alekhin calls.
River: Juanda bets 450k, Alekhin all in, Juanda calls.

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