WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Evens-stevens.

WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Evens-stevens.

Friday, 3 October 2008

The jockeying for position continues as Jack Eiffel announces there are only a couple of thousand between first and third.

Get your cocoa ready, don the nightgown and get comfy; this one might take a while. Jack conducted another fan survey, with the findings inconclusive. I did holler a little when he asked for the Juanda fans to make themselves known, but that was more through trying to keep myself awake than anything else. Tense stuff.

For the stat boys and girls out there, the counts were something like:

Juanda - 2.402 million
Demidov - 2.42 million
Alekhin - 2.38 million

I could be out a little, but what's a few thousand between buddies?

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