WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Demidov Doubles Up

WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Demidov Doubles Up

Friday, 3 October 2008

Ivan Demidov's hopes of winning the first half of a historic double are alive and kicking following a double up through John Juanda.

Demidov moved all in preflop following an opening raise from Juanda, a move which caused the Full Tilt pro a little consternation. The mandatory dwell, frown, calculation of the pot odds, more frowning, and an eventual call from Juanda and the cards were on their backs.

Juanda: A-J
Demidov: K-T

The doorcard was a Russian-friendly ten, while the turn gave Juanda two more outs when the Qs meant a king would land Demidov two pair but Juanda the broadway straight. The river was the harmless 3c, which meant Demidov doubled up to around 2.2 million - approximately the same number of chips as the wounded JJ was left with.

Ivan DemidovDoubling Up with Demidov.

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