WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Conneller Speaks

WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Conneller Speaks

Thursday, 2 October 2008

"Yes folks, we're down here at the final table so you don't have to be. Because let's face it: despite the star studded final table this year, watching poker without hole cards and TV editing can be mind-numbing.

It goes on and on and on and on and on. This is why you have poker journalists whose job it is to present this underwhelming spectacle in the most interesting way possible.

So here it is: The WSOPE main event presented as a horse race:

And they're off!

And it's Juanda off to an early start, with Negreanu running strong and Fischman bringing up the rear. And it's Demidov! Demidov bursting through afer a firm whipping from his jockey. It's Demidov leading by a length, from Stanislav Alekhin with Negreanu in third with Juanda fading fast.

We'll update the second bit of this exciting race in ... oh... about six hours."

And so departs the editor of Europe's finest magazine, sheepskin coat and flat cap, along with a rolled up copy of the Racing Post underarm. Thanks for that Philip...just stay off the blue Smarties next time. ;)

Philip ConnellerConneller - Not to be fed blue Smarties

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