WSOPE Main Event Editorial - Demidov Impressing?

WSOPE Main Event Editorial - Demidov Impressing?

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ah, the November Nine. The controversy that the final table delay of the WSOP Main Event caused was really (unsurprisingly) mind-boggling. We poker players are a sensitive bunch and to mess with the hallowed structure of the Main Event was sacrilege.

I was against it personally – poker has enough commercial garbage what with the ‘Best Lite Pocket-Cam’ and the Degree All-In moment. So I was perversely thrilled when the whole big marketing furore surrounding the nine finalists came to absolutely nothing.

But now this young Russian upstart is different – Demidov seems to actually be a good player. He’s ripping the WSOPE final table apart and concurrent final tables in BOTH WSOP Main Events is really impressive. And I’m quite Shania-esque; I’m not easily impressed.

Thing is, while I welcome a WSOP final tablist (yeah, I make up words, so sue me) who isn’t a luckbox, a fundamentalist Christian or a prat; I really don’t want him to win this event. He can win the Main Event for all I care, and since he seems to be one of the better players there based on his deep runs in two large tournaments I kind of want him to, but I hope he doesn’t win this.

If he does, then people will think this whole final table delay palaver has worked and they’ll do it again. So sorry, Ivan, but I hope you bust out spectacularly.

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