WSOPE Main Event Day 4: The October Nine Are Set!!

WSOPE Main Event Day 4: The October Nine Are Set!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The man who won't be joining us is Peter Neff, who was crippled in a big hand only moments before by Scott Fischman. In that hand he flopped an open-ended straight draw against the bottom set of the American pro, only to see Fischman make quads on the river. The final hand was equally as gruesome for Neff.

When he shoved his last few chips into the pot, you might have thought he was tilted, but he actually found the rather nice looking pocket kings in the hole. He got a caller from the man who will also be in the November Nine, Ivan Demidov, who tabled Ah-Th.

The flop brought an ominous looking Tc-5h-3h, meaning Demidov had picked up hearts as well as aces to crack the pocket kings. The turn was, to coin a Channing expression, 'immediate service' for Demidov, with a 2h making Demidov's flush and leaving Neff drawing dead.

That's the action for tonight concluded; we have our nine, and what a nine it is. Negreanu and Juanda will lock horns and chip stacks tomorrow night in London, while Ivan Demidov will be there in a bid to take down half of what would be a historic double. Who will prevail? Join us tomorrow afternoon for the action as it unfolds. Until then, we're off for a pint. Goodnight!

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