WSOPE Main Event Day 4: Matusow eliminated in 18th

WSOPE Main Event Day 4: Matusow eliminated in 18th

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

No one has ever question Mike Matusow's heart, and so it proved once again that the man was here to win.

In a pot against Norwegian Johnny Lodden, Mike Matusow got all in his money in on the flop with jack-high. It was good, but needed to hold against the monster draw of Lodden.

The flop was 4s-7s-9h, and Matusow moved in with the gutshot straight draw and two overs, holding Js-Th. Lodden wouldn't be moved though, having hit a perfect flop despite being six-high, with his 5s-6s giving him the open-ended straight flush draw. The turn paired his five, and when Matusow couldn't improve on the river, we lost 'The Mouth' in 18th place.

We expect London to be a quieter place from here on.

Brian and Mike"Want to go flip some toast?"

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