WSOPE Main Event Day 4: 'BoostedJ' Has Left The Building

WSOPE Main Event Day 4: 'BoostedJ' Has Left The Building

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Smith, who is best known as his online alias 'BoostedJ', came into Day 4 well chipped up and with plenty tipping him to cause an upset to the likes of Juanda and Negreanu. In the end it was Negreanu who knocked Smith in one of those chilly deck situations that ruin many a World Series dream.

The two went to a flop of 3c-7h-6s, which saw Smith lead out. Negreanu reraised enough to put BoostedJ all in, which he gladly did with the top set. Sadly for Justin the flop had come perfect for Kid Poker who had flopped the nut straight - chilly stuff indeed.

There was no help for Smith on the turn or river, meaning he had to settle for £36,200 for his deep run here in London. Keep an eye out for this kid in the future though.

Daniel NegreanuNegreanu busts another.

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