WSOPE Event 1 - Men Down!

WSOPE Event 1 - Men Down!

Friday, 19 September 2008

The 6,000 starting stacks meant it wouldn't take long before we began to lose some players, and two of the biggest names in the field are out. Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson ended up going out with A-J versus pocket Kings, while Phil Ivey has also hit the rail.

It's proving to be a taxing day for Daniel Negreanu, who is having a tough time figuring out Simon La Thange. La Thange has certainly been making some unconventional plays (especially with the nuts), but it's been good enough to get him to around 25,000 chips.

Negreanu in the TankThis man has been talking to himself...
Other casulties so far have included the best pair of sunglasses in the room (that would be Max Pescatori), Mike McDonald and Bluff Europe cover star Nik Persaud. We did get to see Dr. Tom do something dirty with four-high though, doubling his short stack through with the less than premium starting hand. More to come soon!

Chris 'Jesus' FergusonJesus Walks!

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