WSOPE Event 1 Final Table Underway

WSOPE Event 1 Final Table Underway

Monday, 22 September 2008

The final table of Event 1 has got off with a bang, with Daniel 'Danny Boy' Nutt and Ian Woodley out in ninth and eighth respectively.

The bracelet will end up in the hands of one of the following players (approximate chip counts provided as well):

Adam Junglen 570000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 530000
Jesper Hougaard 450000
John Dwyer 423000
Neil Channing 180000
Linda Lee 150000
Fuad Serhan 115000

Bluff Europe has made no bones about the fact we'd love to see Neil Channing win, being a Brit and a damn nice bloke. That said, the young triplet of Junglen, Timoshenko and Hougaard have the bulk of the chips and will be tough to beat with their aggressive brand of poker.

Ian WoodleyIan Woodley - out in eighth

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