WSOPE Event 1: Day 1a Summary

WSOPE Event 1: Day 1a Summary

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Of the 191 players who signed up for Day 1a of this year's opening event, only 42 made it through the day. The man on the top of the pile is someone you might have heard of though.

Daniel Negreanu certainly had an eventful day. Early on he came up against some of the most surreal poker likely to be seen this side of Doomsday after he tangled with Simon La Thague. The Canadian didn't get off to the smoothest of starts, but one thing that has struck the rail is how focused Negreanu was throughout the day, with less of the customary chit-chat that he normally employs. When he's in the zone he's a scary player to come up against (mind you, he's pretty good when he's out of the zone), and he eventually closed the day out on just shy of 75,000.

Brandon Cantu is another player who caught the eye during Day 1a. His chip count swelled early on before it looked as if the momentum might have stopped. Cantu managed to keep the chips coming the right way though, and finished play in fourth with 54,200.

Notable players who made it through the day include GUKPT Luton runner up David La Ronde (57,000), stalwart pro and home favourite Willie Tan (52,500), Ben Grundy (30,900) and John Juanda (27,000). Good news for the Channing fans out there too - he finished the day on 19,700 - plenty of work to do, but at least the cash game was safe for a few hours!

Top ten chip counts from Day 1a:
Daniel Negreanu 74,900
Jason Gray 72,800
David La Ronde 57,000
Brandon Cantu 54,200
Willie Tann 52,500
Yevgeniy Timoshenko 50,800
Michael Bepper 49,500
Tim Pennington 43,300
Carl Hostrup 38,700
Rumit Somaiya 36,700

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