WSOPE Event 1 - Cantu at it again.

WSOPE Event 1 - Cantu at it again.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Brandon Cantu has been a well-known tournament pro for a good couple of years now, and here he is in London doing what he does best - accumulate chips.

It's not as if he's had an easy table, either. He's had to contend with Neil Channing and his verbal wizardry, Liv Boeree and her stunning looks, and the fact he's the furthest man from the bar. Tough table draw there, Brandon. It's not stopped him grabbing the chips though, as he's on about 28,000 at the break.

Meanwhile, Daniel Negreanu has gotten some steam going, making one particularly good call with second pair on one scaaaaaary looking board to bump his chip count to around 14,000.

In other news, Erik Seidel looked like he was power napping in between hands, while Jean-Robert Bellande has been spotted flexing his muscles on the cash table, albeit the £1/£2 game. Hey Bobby, hasn't anyone told you the dollar isn't THAT weak any more?

SeidelFeeling sleepy, Erik?
Players are on a break, and when they come back they're kicking off Level 5. Expect more casualties as those blinds creep up on some of the shorter stacks.

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