WSOP Main Event Day 4: The Drama Begins

WSOP Main Event Day 4: The Drama Begins

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The television crews are all over the last three tables, making it difficult for us 'mere mortals' to get a good look-in on the action. No matter how many surly men stand in your way, or the length of the barriers, you can't prevent whoops and hollers from getting the rail's attention.

The hand in question came after Bengt Sonnert and Perttu Bergius got all of their money in on the flop. The board read 8d-6d-2c, with Sonnert in great shape when he found out his nut flush draw (Ad-7d) was ahead and crippling Bergius, who had the second nut flush draw (Kd-Td). Of course, these things never come easy, and so it begun when the Ks landed on the turn to have Sonnert needing to hit the river for his tournament life. The Ah peeled off, sending Sonnert into a Nordic frenzy, while Bergius was left with just a handful of chips after the high-drama.

Bengt SonnertBengt Sonnert
Ahead, behind and ahead again. You have to love this game, unless you're Perttu Bergius of course.

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