WSOP Main Event Day 3: Una-bombed.

WSOP Main Event Day 3: Una-bombed.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Phil Laak is a confusing character, more so for those around him who tend to struggle holding on to his musings and, well... ramblings, at the table. Sadly, the room will not hear of peanut butter sandwiches or urban buddhism anymore, as the hooded one has gone busto.

You have to suspect the lure of a 36 hour stint at the Poker Den today might have been too much of a pull for The Unabomber, who had said he was going to try to play all day and a half straight. Man, he's one sick puppy.

Negreanu gains chips, the rest of the table gets a more regular conversational menu and I am left cold on the balcony wondering who to sweat now.

Phil Laak"Hmm, I wonder how many hoodies I can buy for that £10,000..."

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