WSOP Event 1, Day 2: Down to the final two tables

WSOP Event 1, Day 2: Down to the final two tables

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The first event here is proving to be as enthralling as we could have hoped for. With the final two tables assembled, we're in for an intriguing finish, with a mix of old guard and young guns meeting with a bracelet in mind.

The run in to the two tables has been dominated by two of the new faces on the block, those of Jesper Hougaard and Adam Junglen. While Hougaard has been able to use his mountain of chips to bludgeon those around him into submission, Junglen's juggling act has been impressive. Weaving around Andy Bloch and Brandon Cantu earlier in the day, he's now sat to the right of the MIT blackjack cardcounting poker pro, taking almost an age to stack his newly acquired stash of chips.

Adam JunglenAdam Junglen - he can move chips.

The other table is all Hougaard. The current chip leader has Neil Channing and, until moments ago, Willie Tann for company, but when you're eyeline is obscured by bits of plastic and you're wearing some of those funky headphones all the top pros wear while cruising to a final table, you know the Dane isn't much in the mood for banter.

One man who is being chatty is tournament director Jack Eiffel. The excitement of my being stood still for five minutes without a camera in hand or a notepad smoking from the scrawling obviously had an effect as Mr Eiffel felt it only right to ask me who I was. Yep, I nearly got a "hit the road" from Jack, only before he seemed to recognise me from the other evenings where I've been sat here until they turn the lights off. Note to self: I must make my face better known to these people, just to make sure I don't get asked again. He's a very nice guy, mind.

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