WSOP Europe Blogger - Matt Perry Comments

WSOP Europe Blogger - Matt Perry Comments

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Remember how giddy-schoolgirl excited I was when I saw Daniel Negreanu and Phil Laak? Well imagine what my body went through today when I rode up to The Empire and walked into the main room to be greeted with the sight of Ivey, Hansen, Antonius etc etc. The HORSE events are always guaranteed to get the big names out; I only wish I could play ORSE so I could get something out of it. That said, I can barely play H so maybe it’s worth watching after all.

It’s actually really strange to think that this fresh-faced, expressionless black guy in a perfectly ordinary-looking baby blue cap would think nothing of putting the GDP of a small Pacific island nation on the table and playing for it right now. I hope you liked that joke because the amount of research that went into it was quite literally staggering. I’m going to try and touch Ivey later in the hope that his magical powers will rub off onto me.

In other news, Hellmuth is holding a Hellmuth Look-a-Like contest. The winner gets £2,000 (good times) but on the other hand also has to follow PH and his crew of models into the Main Event. Still, £2k… for the first time in my life I wish I looked like Phil Hellmuth. There has to be a superuser joke to be made here but dammit I’m fresh out.

Highlight of the day: Riding here without getting lost and actually finding somewhere to park.

Low of the day: Forgetting to bring my copy of Every Hand Revealed for Hansen to sign. Bad beat.

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