The Mouth – He Might Just Be Lucky

The Mouth – He Might Just Be Lucky

Friday, 19 September 2008

Mike Matusow has just bowled into the Empire, asking me of all people whether he's allowed to wear his baseball cap. “One guy over there told me to take it off,” he says, observing the twenty-odd players sat down wearing baseball caps. He wanders off again, having just railed good friend Daniel Negreanu, who has finally got the range of his table.

Next on the Mikey Visit List is John Juanda, who now has Erik Seidel at his table for company. As Mike watches on, Juanda knocks another out, this time GUKPT winner Tony 'Ginger' Phillips. Admittedly JJ had pocket tens while the baby-faced Phillips could only offer pocket fours, but still... perhaps Matusow isn't unlucky after all.

John JuandaJohn Juanda...he earns!

Over at the Table Cantu, things haven't been going as well in the last hour for Cantu, although he did pick up a useful pot on the river when his shove on a 5s-Th-9c-8h-6h was met by a dwell, some staring, and an eventual fold from William Martin.

Verdict: Cantu still in the hunt, Negreanu gaining chips, Neil Channing wondering when the cash game will kick off. Loving your style, Neil.
Neil Channing"Did someone just mention a cash game?"

Right, we're off for a well earned pint now, and we might even take on Bobby Bellande on the cash tables. We'll see you all tomorrow!

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