Event 1 - Money Bubble Burst

Event 1 - Money Bubble Burst

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Painful bubble moment goes to the poor git on Daniel Negreanu’s right – not only did he have a poker God using the power of position on him for hours but with 45 paid and 47 left he got his shortstack all-in preflop with JJ and was obviously delighted to be shown TT. Nice! Well, until this happened:

His smile turned upside-down rapidly and he stood up as the QTx flop brought the bubble ever closer. The 8 on the turn offered him more outs but the deck was just taunting him as a blank river sent him home in 47th place with not a penny to his name. The look of desperation he gave me as I scribbled down the board cards melted my heart.

Those still looking to actually win this thing - bracelet, cash, general adoration from the poker masses (well, me) include Brandon Cantu, Adam Junglen, Andy Bloch, Daniel Negreanu, Neil Channing, Jesper Hougaard (who is hiding behind a mountain of chips and three-betting the life out of Neggers on his right) and John Kabbaj.

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