WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Juanda Recovering

 WSOPE Main Event Final Table: Juanda Recovering

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Having started off on the wrong foot, Juanda has found his stride again, popping himself back over 1.1 million at the expense of Scott Fischman.

After a middle position raise from Juanda, Scott Fischman called from the cutoff and Negreanu also joined in out of the big blind. The flop of Ks-Kd-Th was met by three checks, with the turn putting a Jd on the board. Negreanu checked his option again, with Juanda betting 85,000 and only finding one customer from Scott Fischman.

The river brought what appearred to be a brick - 2h - and Juanda moved 224,000 into the middle. After a suitably long dwell from Fischman, he eventually folded, giving Juanda a stack of around 1,200,000. Fischman is on a little under half a million chips now.

John JuandaJuanda on the mend.

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