stan34powa wins PokerStars’ world record tournament

stan34powa wins PokerStars’ world record tournament

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

PokerStars’ plans to set the new Guinness World Record for the largest ever poker tournament went off flawlessly. It began on Sunday and lasted almost ten hours – with 35,000 participants that’s hardly surprising.

The 35,000 players paid an $12 entry fee each, and Stars chipped in the remainder of the $500,000 prize fund. The turnout easily eclipsed the official record of 20,000 set in a Stars Sunday Hundred Grand on July 29, 2007.

The blinds and antes were at 1,250,000/2,500,000 a312,500 (Level 52) when the event was decided. Nine and a half hours after the tournament started, heads-up play found meiky777 with 67,786,946 in chips to stan34powa's 37,213,054, but stan34powa surged to win.

A limped pot was the decider in the end on an innocent 853 flop. Firstly stan34powa checked to meiky777 who bet 2.5m, stan34powa raised to 7.5m and meiky777 shoved. The chip leader called with 8d-2d for top pair while meiky777 held AKo, making him a 3-1 underdog in the pot. The turn and river blanked, confirming the odds.

The second-place finish earned meiky777 $20,000, while stan34powa's historic win was worth $30,000.

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