iPoker player claims he was denied jackpot

iPoker player claims he was denied jackpot

Monday, 8 February 2010

The iPoker network is one of the largest, incorporating such favourite sites as William Hill, Black Belt Poker and Betfred. However, the network has been the centre of controversy on the Two Plus Two forums as you can read here.

If the account of forum poster “bigbrennan” is correct, then iPoker do not look very good in this story. Apparently, by winning six $55 SnG Jackpot tables in a row he was entitled to a huge $160,000 jackpot from iPoker last year.

However, he claims that his account is under review for collusion and iPoker are withholding his payout. He says: “As you can see their evidence is not really evidence, its speculation. I have provided FULL HH's to a number of people to review. They 100% agree that no collusion took place, and that I never did anything out of the normal.”

iPoker claim that bigbrennan, who was sponsored by BadBeat.com at the time, played on tables with another BadBeat player present; that there were an inordinate amount of British players at his tables (though it was 8pm-10pm GMT); that a new player gave bigbrennan all his chips holding A-high on a four-to-a-straight board.
No statement has been made by iPoker as of yet.

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