durrrr challenge – jungleman12 holds Dwan to breaking even

durrrr challenge – jungleman12 holds Dwan to breaking even

Monday, 4 October 2010

We already reported that Isildur1 took on jungleman12 and lost $100,000 to the 20-year-old Maryland University student; as soon as Daniel Cates was done with that match he resumed his challenge against Tom “durrrr” Dwan across four tables of $200/$400 NL.

Previously, the two had played 6,820 hands and Dwan was out $691,000 or so – it’s hard to calculate his 100% rakeback into the equation when Cates is paying rake. This session, although a short one, saw durrrr emerge as the winner but only by $1,450 or so which is a little more than three and a half big blinds.

Their largest pot is one of note, though – in one of only twelve six-figure pots that have been played so far in this challenge, jungleman12 3-bet to $4,000 with 9-7o and lead out on a 5-6-4 board with two spades. Dwan called and then called a $11,400 bet on the 6c turn.

The river completed the board of 5-6-4-6-3 rainbow and Cates check-called Dwan’s $33,000 shove; durrrr revealed 2-2 for the bottom end of the straight but Cates took the pot with his seven-high straight in a cooler worth $103,800.

In total, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates is up $689,599.50 after 7,402 hands. They will continue until 50,000 hands have been played at which point Dwan pays Cates $1,500,000 if the latter is a winner; Cates owes durrrr $500,000 should he lose out by the 50,000 hand milestone.

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