durrrr Challenge Resumes - Patrik Wins $392,000

durrrr Challenge Resumes - Patrik Wins $392,000

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

After a break of nearly two months – the WSOP and Martonas’ donations to the nosebleed stakes, aka Tom Dwan’s bankroll having something to do with it, we suspect – durrrr and Patrik Antonius resumed the four-tabling heads-up challenge across the $200/$400 tables yesterday.

Dwan has held a lead of almost three-quarters of a million dollars since their last session, but yesterday was the Antonius show from beginning to end. It seemed that durrrr could not catch a card or win a coinflip for the life of him, and Antonius wound up taking $392,000; reducing durrrr’s lead to $335,000 after a total of 21,422 hands.

The biggest pot of the session occurred when both players had stacks of over $100,000 – under the rules of the challenge they can leave and reset to 100BBs when that figure is reached but neither apparently wanted to as the following hand took place:

Patrik raised to $1,200 with Ac-Th-9s-8c and durrrr made it $3,600. The red pro then 4-bet to $6,000 only to see Dwan put the fifth bet in, $18,000 total. A call from Patrik in position saw a 4s-7c-8d flop, giving Antonius top pair with an open-ended straight draw and the backdoor nut flush draw. He shoved his remaining $93,000 after durrrr’s pot-sized bet and Dwan called.

Patrik flipped his hand and durrrr revealed Js-Ts-9d-5d for a dominating straight draw and more backdoor draws than he could count. Even so, the two were essentially 50-50 with durrrr at a slight disadvantage – that’s Omaha. Running spades on the turn and river shipped him the colossal pot.

You can follow the action on the specially-assigned durrrr challenge tables at Full Tilt Poker.

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