angiebug4 wins $1.8m Sunday Million

angiebug4 wins $1.8m Sunday Million

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The last Sunday of each month is a special occasion for PokerStars – not only does the Battle of the Planets $50,000 giveaway run but the Sunday Million usually gets pretty damn huge. This past week was no exception, with almost 9,000 players generating a prize pool of $1,798,600.

The final table began with CesarSPA as an overwhelming chip leader, holding over 25m chips when the nearest competitor, Whitfield74, had just over 11m. The prize pool meant a first-place reward of over a quarter of a million dollars.

Five-handed, a chip chop count was negotiated. Eventual winner angiebud4 was the shortest stack at the time, and despite trying to guarantee $100,000 couldn’t quite manage it...until later. The final numbers agreed on, with $30,000 set aside for the eventual winner, were as follows:

Seat 1: CesarSPA (35,000,683 in chips) = $208,845.93
Seat 3: siggen001 (15,282,466 in chips) = $131,719.96
Seat 4: suckabig1 (7,308,506 in chips) = $100,530.55
Seat 5: angiebug4 (6,385,863 in chips) = $96,921.72
Seat 8: BigBradley (25,952,482 in chips) = $173,454.74

Soon after this, angiebud4 obviously thought “screw this, I’m getting at least $100,000” and went a bit mental. A run of nice cards coupled with some very aggressive moves soon saw her move into second place with three players left. When she eliminated short-stack BigBradley with K5s vs 33, the one-time chip leader went heads-up with the one-time short-stack.

Eventually, after what Bill Chen called “a real battle” of a heads-up session, angiebud4 called an all-in with 86s on a A726 board. CesarSPA was ahead with K7 but a third six hit the river.

The final payouts for the PokerStars Sunday Million final table are as follows:

1st place: angiebug4 ($126,921.72)*
2nd place: CesarSPA ($208,845.93)*
3rd place: BigBradley ($173,454.74)*
4th place: siggen001 ($131,719.96)*
5th place: suckabig1 ($100,530.55)*
6th place: gboro780 ($53,958.01)
7th place: SebiXXXX ($35,972.01)
8th place: Whitfield74 ($19,784.61)
9th place: Spoli4tor ($12,590.21)

*after five-way chop

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